Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Most Popular Senator

According to SurveyUSA's latest polls on senate approval and disapproval ratings, Kent Conrad (D-ND) is by far the most popular member of the U.S. Senate. Conrad, a progressive from a conservative state, has a 75% approval rating and a 19% disapproval rating.

Conrad, in contrast to fellow plains Democrat Tom Daschle, keeps a relatively low profile in the press. Nevertheless, he is a consistent supporter of the Democratic agenda in social, economic, and foreign policy. He voted against the Iraq war, opposed Bush's tax cuts, and is an advocate for the pro-choice movement. These are three issues that Democrats from conservative states have often caved into, believing them to represent political suicide. However, Conrad's consistency seems to have assured the people of North Dakota that their senator works for values that they can relate to.


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