Thursday, July 27, 2006

Where Should Libertarians Go?

There's no doubt that the Libertarian wing of the GOP has lost significant power in recent years, but will this be the year that the Libertarian Party and the Democratic Party finally begin to benefit from it?

Outside the Beltway suggests that the Republican Party is still the best choice for Libertarians.

The author suggests that as bad as Republicans are on fiscal policy, Democrats will be worse. Although that is the traditional belief, the largest deficits in the last couple decades have all been due to massive military spending on the part of Republican presidents. As much as Republicans harp about wasteful social programs, the military budget is where you'd get the biggest buck for cuts. That's not something that politicians like to say, but Bill Clinton did it in the early 90's, after the end of the Cold War, and he paved the way towards a balanced budget.


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