Thursday, July 13, 2006

What Should the Democratic Party Sacrifice?

At a recent breakfast with Charles Schumer, the NY Senator outlined his vision for the Democratic Party. Check out his new formula: WWJAED ( What would Joe and Eileen do?) at TAPPED.

This is what Democratic strategists talk about all the time, and despite popular belief, it is implemented effectively for many Democratic congressional candidates. If it wasn't, there would hardly be any Democrats left in the South and Midwest.

Many Democrats responded to the anti-flag burning attitude by voting in favor of the constitutional amendment the other week. Robert Menendez, himself caught up in a turbulent campaign, voted yea.

One progressive issue that needs to be more effectively communicated to Joe and Eileen is the environment. People need to understand that this issue is not about tree hugging and much more about the survival of children and grandchildren.


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