Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lassiter Has Words For Stoller

Matt Stoler, the primary blogger at MyDD, a must read for anyone in the blogosphere, has recently been soliciting contributions from readers to fund his frequent trips to Connecticut to cover the Ned Lamont campaign. Stoler said he had already spent $3000 on the primary and was looking for a sponsor who was willing to put up that amount to cover (I assume) his previous expenses as well as his future ones.

The response was mostly positive in the comments section. One lady from Princeton sent in what she considered a small donation; I assume it was a little more than what most of us consider small. Another guy announced that he had sent $50.01 to Matt's Cause. Another man happily sent an unknown amount and offered to treat Stoller to some good Mexican food if he should ever be in New Mexico. However, not every comment was so lavish with encouragement.

The last comment in the thread was made by an old acquaintance of mine on the Jersey blogosphere, Mr. Jay Lassiter (great blog). Stoler's request for donations received this comment from Lassiter:

Don't be surprised to get NO LOVE whatsoever from campaign volunteers from New Jersey. Since you went out of your way to characterize us as "losers" you're not getting a dime from Cherry Hill.

Honestly, I was so disgusted when I read thigs like this:;jsessionid=79EF4417155C546A3584DCB9A8E902BF?diaryId=2146
it makes me glad you're in Connecticut and not here in the Garden State.

You did a lousy job blogging for the Corzine campaign and you turned around and trashed everyone involved on your blog. then you wage what felt like a very personal attact of campaign volunteers in NJ. Then you turn around and ask for $3000 for the privledge of doing....what? raising your own profile?

Here's a tip: what goes around comes around. That goes doubly for goodwill.

That does seem a little harsh Jay. It's hard to disagree with Stoller's point that cash and cynicism play a large role in NJ political campaigns. One of Corzine's most effective strategies was paying people $15/hr to canvas. However, $3000 does seem a little high..gas, train fees...what else brings that to 3 grand?


At 8:17 AM, Blogger Matt Stoller said...

I've been to Connecticut four times, not just this once. Look, feel free to be upset that people need to pay expenses, but that's life.


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