Monday, July 31, 2006

Wisconsin Is "Most Representative" State

A CNN study concluded that Wisconsin is the state that is most "representative" of the United States, according to 12 different measures of income, race and ethnicity, and education.

Other Midwestern states are close behind: Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, and Ohio.

West Virginia and Mississippi, the two poorest states in the nation, ranked 49th and 50th respectively. West Virginia has a minimal minority population, while Mississippi has a higher percentage of black residents than any other state.

The CNN article mocks the DNC for elevating Nevada and South Carolina in the Democratic primaries on the basis that they will offer a more diverse and more "representative" constituency for candidates. Of course, this argument is flawed because while Wisconsin might serve as a microcosm for the U.S. population, its Democratic Party does not serve as a microcosm for the National Democratic Party.

Here's an interesting rebuttal from Paul Soglin.


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